Mountain Equipment Co-op Persona

Persona #1-Mark-44 year old father of 3

Mark is a 44 year old Caucasian father of 3 teenagers, 2 girls and a boy (13, 15 and 17). He has a Bachelor of Education and currently works in a school teaching physical education and English. Mark is very outdoorsy and loves to camp, rock climb and hike in the summer and back country ski, downhill ski and snowshoe in the winter. He often goes with his family. Mark spends a lot of time shopping at Mountain Equipment Coop with his 3 teenagers and his wife. He spends time on the Mountain Equipment Co-op website to look for sales and new products. His teenagers spend a lot of time on the online social media sites to keep current. They will often keep their father updated on the latest trends and new products available.
Mark also shops at Mountain Equipment Co-op for supplies for the outdoor education classes he takes his students on. Mark grew up in Vancouver, but came to Calgary to be with his wife and for his work. He lives in a house in Canyon Meadows which is close to his children’s school and his work.

Persona #2-Jen-25 year old single white female

Jen is a Caucasian female who moved to Calgary to go to school at SAIT. She graduated with a marketing certificate in oil and gas 3 years ago and currently works as an office manager at TransCanada Pipelines. Her family lives in Saskatoon, Saskatewan and she has no children. Jen is single and owns a small 2 condo in the Beltline. She purchased her condo 3 years ago and in her spare time loves to ski, hike and bike. She belongs to a hiking club and a ski club. Jen is on many social media sites and checks into her sites daily-such as Twitter and Facebook to give feedback on products on Mountain Equipment Co-op and look for feedback and ideas.


ESL Halloween Party

A Halloween Party for international students on Friday, October 26, 2012. It was most students first Halloween Party and my first video on an iphone and uploaded to youtube, an evening of firsts!!

Don’t be a tourist. Plan less. Go slowly. I traveled in the most inefficient way possible and it took me exactly where I wanted to go. — National Geographic’s Andrew Evans, on his 40 day, 40 bus journey from Washington D.C. to Antarctica. Watch his refreshing TEDx Talk (18 min).

Where did my luggage go?

My plane had landed and I was finally at my destination.  I could smell the sweet smell of the ocean and feel the beaming sun!  I couldn’t wait to get my luggage, check into my hotel and head to the beach!

I raced to the carasoel to grab my luggage. The blond lady, with the 2 noisy kids grabbed her pink suitcases, the tall thin man with the bad BO that was sitting beside you grabs his red and white suitcase and so on and so on. People frantically pushed me out of the way to grab their bags and soon I realized that I was  only one standing there, waiting. Everyone else had their luggage and was leaving the airport, except for me.

A little man with a curly black hair and big black eyes looks at me and says, ‘no luggage?”  I shrugged my shoulders and replied,”no lugggage.”

Earlier that day, I had specifically put everything, including my toothbrush, razer, sunscreen and nailclippers into my luggage. I had put nothing in my daypack because I was one of those people that always gets hassled at the airport so I figured this would save me time! And here I was in Cuba with a phrasebook and a passport.  So, what did I do:

Went to the little office in the airport to describe my bag. How large was this bag! Now, I hadn’t taken note of the exact measurements, but was able to pick it out of the line up of black backpacks.

Phoned the airline company to notify them in which I was told I would receive $75.00/day-not a lot for a resort town as I soon found out!

Took a taxi to my hotel

Went shopping for flipflops, bathing suit, toothbrush, etc..

Day 2: To be continued