A few packing tips

Are you travelling for the first time or is your 30th time?  Important items you should pack in your daypack.

  • Zip Lock Bags.  This will keep your things from getting wet should you find yourself in a massive rainstorm, hurricane or Tsumnia.  Put everything you don’t want to get wet in baggies!
  • Toliet Paper.  Extra toliet paper or kleenex is always good to have.  You may find yourself in a country that does not have a lot of toliet paper, charges for toliet paper or you may be stranded somewhere where you only are surrounded by leaves! You will be thanking yourself (or me) when you pull out some toliet paper.
  • Soup (yes soup).  While it is always nice to try the food in different countries, there may come a time where you are ill and just want some homemade soup (well, you may have to settle for liptons soup as you may not have access to a big pot or mom).
  • Granoloa Bars: This is similar to soup.  If you are hungry and just want a snack, it may be nice to have something familiar to pull out of your backpack! Not to mention, the country you are in may not sell granola bars or any quick snacks like this at midnight when you are craving a snack!
  • Advil: It is always easier to pack extra advil, then hunt for this in another country.  It can also cost more and is an unnecessary expense which you could be spending on other important things-like that zipline ride you have always wanted to take!
  • Toenail Clippers: Yes, you heard this right.  It is not easy to find toenail clippers in some countries such as Cuba! This is close to my heart as I spent a week looking for toenail clippers in a small town in Cuba.  Apparently they only had 1 and it had sold.. Frustrating to watch as my toenails grew and caused me pain!

This is it for now, but if I think of anything else I will keep you posted.


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